15 Aug 2012

Sleek iDivine Acid Palette features a surprising twist!

Sleek iDivine Ac-iiiiiiiiiiiiid palette!  Get a load of those colours!
At this stage my love of The House of Sleek (Makeup!) should come as no surprise (look here and here and here and here and I guess here, oh, here too why not).  There's a bunch of Sleek stuff I also have that have never reviewed, among them pretty much all of the blushers, bronzers, highlighters, contours, some mascaras and lipsticks, a bunch of other eyeshadow palettes (Good Girl, Bad Girl to follow) and this one, the Sleek Acid palette.

This is a FUN palette.  That said, I've maybe used it... three times?  But it really is good fun...

... and damned hard to photograph (to get the fluorescent shades to show properly)... case in point, the image above and the following two...

Attempt 1 to capture the yellow, pink, orange and green fluoro shades
Attempt 2 to capture the yellow, pink, orange and green fluoro shades
Top row, left to right:
  • Rich medium pink (matte)
  • White (matte)
  • Fluorescent yellow (matte)
  • Fluorescent orange (matte)
  • Medium blue (shimmer with blue & pink reflects)
  • Light blue (shimmer with blue & silver reflects)
Bottom row, left to right:
  • Light purple (matte)
  • Chartreuse (matte)
  • Fluorescent pink (matte)
  • Fluorescent green (matte)
  • Medium-dark grey (metallic, shimmer with multicolour reflects)
  • Black (matte)

The Swatches...

Blurry swatches. Difficult to get the fluorescent colours to show up on camera
All were easy to work with and fun to use except the white (top left) and the purple (bottom left)
With flash, to show off the sparkles in the shimmer shades.
Note: no primer used under these shades 
The Shadows...

As with all other Sleek eyeshadows these are mineral-based, highly pigmented but quite soft, they're relatively easy to blend but there's usually quite a bit of fall-out (see previous reviews on Sleek Mattes (Darks and Brights) for more thoughts on working with Sleek eyeshadows.

The key thing about Sleek for me is that the palettes are cheap-as, and frequently feature unusual colours that you don't get elsewhere.  All of these were easy to use except (as mentioned in the caption above) the purple (but then again, most purple eyeshadows are patchy at best) and the white (completely pointless on its own).  The matte shades are a little bit chalky, but over a primer work really really well - for example I have used the pink and the orange on top of Make Up For Ever Aqua Creams, and the shimmer shades on top of MAC Paintpots in similar colours.

The Twist...

The fun bit?  The fluorescent colours do as you'd expect, and fluoresce under dark (UV) light!

Photographed in the dark, under a darklight (UV light)
Photographed in the dark, under a darklight (UV light)
- only the fluorescent shades will show up, naturally
This was a fun discovery, when I saw the mad fluoro-shades, I wondered would they actually fluoresce, so I got myself a darklight (good old eBay!) and checked it out and voilĂ !  What would you use them for?  Well, you could use them as-is.  Or add a mixing medium of one sort or another to turn them into eyeliner, or a body paint (Sleek eyeshadows work nicely with water-, gel- and alcohol- based  mixing media I've used).

Would I recommend this palette?  Hell yeah!  There are enough "ordinary" shades in this (and bearing in mind it's around the €9 mark) that you don't have to use the fluorescent ones if you don't like.  But I particularly love the pairing of Make Up For Ever Aqua Cream #23 (Acidics Green) with the fluoro-green here, or #9 (Coral) with the fluoro-orange or #7 (Fuscia) with the fluoro-pink, a winged out black liner, and lashings of mascara.  Not a look for the fainthearted, but a lot of fun!


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