1 Aug 2012

Molton Brown - finally some shower gel I like!

The OH is a big Molton Brown shower gel fan.  At any one time it's safe to say he has at least a half dozen of these on the go.  Personally, there's a note to Molton Brown that I've never ever liked; some ingredient, some smell, that just never did it for me.  And given the OH's liking of the stuff, I've tried 'em all.

It's perhaps ironic then, that in a recent trip to Molton Brown with him to stock up, I found not just one, but two Molton Brown shower gels that I can get behind, but that he absolutely hates.  What can I say.  At least he won't be using them up :-)

The first, Paradisiac Pink Pepperpod Bath & Shower, is definitely feminine.  Aside from the girlie name, and the hot pink colour of the stuff, it's quite girlie smelling.  It's categorised as spicy, but it's not hugely so;  it's slightly sweet, slightly gingery, slightly (but not overbearingly) patchouli-y.  

The scent doesn't particularly linger or clash with perfume.  And like most Molton Brown stuff, a little goes a long way, it feels nice, leaves skin soft and doesn't dry it out. 

The second, Fresh Bushukan Citrus Bodywash, is apparently technically part of the men's range, but I love it.  This is yellow in colour and just gorgeous.  It's quite zingy and citrus-y on use but that crispness fades and leaves a definite warm clean (and very slightly masculine) scent which is part herb, part fruit.  It can clash a little with perfumes, but I love, love, love it.  And my favourite perfume at the moment is technically a men's scent (Armani Privé Vétiver Babylone), so what odds.

Aside from those, the only other Molton Brown bath/shower items that I like are being discontinued, the lovely Plumkadu Shampoo & Conditioner.  Both are 50% off at present, so I'm stocking up!


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