4 Jun 2012

Sleek iDivine Ultra Matts v1 (Brights) Review

Quick and dirty swatches and review of the new Sleek Ultra Matts Brights palette...

Sleek iDivine Ultra Matts v1 (Brights)

As mentioned in Part I, this is one of two completely matte palettes produced by Sleek, and I recommend both offerings.

This palette, as with all Sleek eyeshadow palettes, features twelve shadows, all (in this instance) matte.  All are very pigmented.  All work well over primer or on their own.  All work well dry and wet.  Again, as with the Darks palette, I was a bit disappointed in the formula as I felt that all of these matte shades are a little "chalky" and a little more difficult to blend than (a) shades from other Sleek palettes (b) other eyeshadows I have.

I will reiterate what I said in the last review - "Difficult" does not mean impossible!  In Part I (Darks palette), you'll find a trick for getting around hard-to-blend eyeshadows.

Sleek Ultra Mattes v1 (Brights) - Swatches

The shades are, left-right:

Top row: Chill, Pout, Sugarlite, Dragon Fly, Pucker, Bamm!
Bottom row: Cricket, Bolt, Strike, Floss, Crete, Pow!

Chill is a light minty blue
Pout is a hot pink
Sugarlite is a fuschia
Dragon Fly is a medium-dark mint green, it looks a little darker in real life
Pucker is another hot pink.  When working with these I could see very little difference between Pout and Pucker; Pucker is more pigmented, slightly brighter and cleaner, and was a little easier to use
Bamm! is a bright yellow
Cricket is a medium-light green
Bolt is a bright primary blue
Strike is a fantastically pigmented true orange
Floss is a baby pink; it is largely pointless unless you're going to be using it wet and as a contrast colour
Crete is showing up as a blue above, but it's a grey which has vague lavender undertones
Pow! is a very slight off-white white

Of the two matte palettes, I imagine the other one (Darks) is more useable, but at €9ish a pop, this is a good one to have - I imagine I'll probably use Pucker, Bamm!, Bolt, and Strike the most.

This review is part II of II - click here to see the review of the Sleek Ultra Matts Darks palette, and click here to see these palettes on the Sleek website.


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