22 May 2014

Giveaway: Half a million page views

Am speechless.  Over half a million page views!

Genuinely stunned and grateful for everyone who reads my rants and ramblings (and all of you who have joined to read TheArtyMama's and MontyC's words of wisdom of late of course, and all those of you who have stumbled upon the blog through google searches, or through guest posts or through the Facebook or Twitter or G+ accounts (I really have to find time to play with Google Plus...)

I wanted to have a quick giveaway to thank everyone.  I'm planning a bunch of "bijoux" giveaways in the next few months.  So why not one now, just to say:  Thanks!

Having a quick look through the box of giveaway stuff upstairs and hey, it's summer!  So why not one of these:

This was kindly donated by Clarins and features in the Summer Collection (Colours of Brazil) this year, and also featured in the Summer Collection (Splendours) last year.  It's gorgeous.  I absolutely totally and utterly love it in the summer!

So here's the thing.  This is a thank you to all the readers.  So I'm just opening this to anyone who comments below.  You can comment all you like on facebook and retweet all you like on Twitter, and I thank you for it!  But to enter this competition, you need to comment at the end of this one.  Terms and conditions: I'll pick a winner in a week.  I'll post it wherever you are in the world.  Anyone involved with Make Up For Dolls can't enter (sorry, guys).

Good luck, thanks again all - I've got a huge grin right now!

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