23 May 2014

Clarins Ombre Minerale Eyeshadow in Smoky Plum - review

I like to collect pretty things, special things, precious things.  I am Gollum.  Along with little crystals and shells and buttons I hoarded away the Clarins Ombre Minérale Mono Eye Shadow in Smoky Plum.  Siobhán gave this to me (because purples are my colour (mine!!!) and she's awesome (Ed: awwww shucks!)) way back before it even hit the counters as part of the Clarins Opalescence Spring Collection.  But because I had bestowed upon it the status of Golden Calf, I squirrelled it away to be opened up occasionally and admired in the compact (it's really pretty).  Several months later, I've only just gotten around to actually use it.  There you have it in black and white.  Clearly, I have issues.

Clarins Ombre Minérale Mono Eye Shadow in Smoky Plum

The packaging is a gorgeous little gold coloured compact, very sleek and almost James Bond-esque (except it doesn't shoot people, I tried). The mineral shadow itself is a gorgeous muted taupe-y grey violet with a little bit of a bronze or pewter shimmer running through, depending on the light.  It's a beautiful thing. 

Clarins Ombre Minérale Mono Eye Shadow in Smoky Plum - les swatches

For a played down, casual look it can be worn dry, or for more vavavoom!, apply it with a wet brush to get a deeper, more intense hit of colour or a sharper line.  When worn dry it appears more shimmery taupe and when wet it's more metallic plum.  Either way it's bloody gorgeous.  It blends so smoothly and seems to marry beautifully with any colour I pair it with (although equally stunning as a stand alone eyeshadow - especially if you apply dry to the lid and wet along the crease).  I got at least an eight hour wear out of this before it began to fade (it lasts longer when applied wet) and when it did fade, it did so gracefully, merely losing it's intensity and shimmer rather than going patchy.  At no point did it crease, even on my oily lids, which impressed me mightily.

If I had to nitpick, I would say that there is very slight fall out but, at that, only a few shimmery particles. Another complaint I'd have is that the top two ingredients listed are talc and mica which are inexpensive fillers and a little on the toxic side but to be honest they're hard to avoid and there is still fantastic colour payoff so I'm personally not too bothered (but appreciate that some people might be).

This is a pretty special eyeshadow for the perfect smokey eye.  It's fool proof.  It goes with everything.  It can be as subtle or as full-on glam/grungey as you fancy.  It costs €19.50 and I honestly think it's worth every penny.  I mean, we're talking effortlessly sexy eyes here.  So, basically, yes please.  So what if you have to live on beans for a while, they're good for the heart they say.

For more info check out the Clarins website here.  Incidentally, if you're interested, check out Siobhán's review and MontyC's review on other items from this (spring) collection.  I'm heading back to my cave now to gaze upon all of my pretty makeup treasures.

Until next time, my preciousssssssss...
Emer (aka TheArtyMama) x

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