29 Apr 2014

Clarins Summer 2014 Campaign: Colours of Brazil - preview

Clarins Summer 2014 Colours of Brazil - Campaign Visual

I love this visual - it's super-simple but drenched in Summer influences.  This collection sees super-saturated brown-red packaging and sparks of cobalt blue (arguably my favourite colour, ever), combined with golds and natural beige-influenced shades, along with a wide range of lip shades, one for "everyone in the audience", as the man said.

All but one product in this launch are LE (limited edition).  The new black waterproof mascara will become part of the permanent line-up of Clarins products.  The cobalt blue waterproof mascara is a once-off LE item.

Clarins Summer 2014 Waterproof Mascara in #02/Bleu, #01/Noir

Joining the two mascaras (which will retail at €25, incidentally) is a gorgeous quad, also featuring a cobalt blue shade, along with gorgeous neutral shades in a cool grey-toned beige, a bronzed brown, a cool-toned mid-dark chocolate brown, and a lovely peachy-orange (this shade is amazing for blending out, and works fantastically with blue.  The blue shade is actually a liner (can be used wet or dry).  The price for this one is €39.  I love that packaging!

Clarins Summer 2014 Eye Quartet

No Summer release would be complete without a bronzer - the Summer Bronzing Compact (Poudre Soleil Visage) will set you back €38.  This one features a few different shades, designed to be used together - swirl your brush around in it before applying to your face to get a nice healthy glow.  This one is a matte bronzer, similar to the bronzer (in shade) from the 2013 collection.  Matte bronzers are a great thing to get your mitts on... and hard to get your mitts on... so many bronzers are sparkledy and shimmery; great for the summer, but come the winter (when we really actually need to use bronzer to put a bit of colour back into our face) and the last thing you want is a shimmery face.  I really do recommend this one, for that reason.

Clarins Summer 2014 Bronzer

The collection also features five new (all LE) shades of a lip crayon, ranging from a pastel baby pink, to a warm honeyed neutral, working its way through a copper-toned red, a coral red, a darkened berry and a garnet shade.  I absolutely adore this formula lip product for simplicity, especially for throwing into my bag for work.  These ones will cost you €19.50 each, not bad at all.

Clarins Summer 2014 Crayon Baume Levres in #01/My Pink, #02/Creamy Pink, #03/Tender Coral, #04/Sweet Cherry, #05/Delicious Plum, #06/Soft Coffee

Last, but by no means least - a re-launch of last Summer's Shimmering Body Oil.  Oh, how I love this one.  I absolutely lived in this last year.  Lived in it.  Loved it.  Used it to death and back.  And barely made a dent in it.  This can be used on face and body both, and will set you back around €37.

If I were to recommend only one item?  The bronzer.  Two?  The bronzer and the shimmer oil.  More than two - well, where do I stop!  It's a small but nicely edited collection, featuring summer iridescence, a really good bronzer, some great lip products and a flash of my favourite colour, cobalt.

This is already on-counter in department stores, pharmacies and Clarins concessions.

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