26 May 2014

Chanel Collection Reflets d'Été (Summer 2014) - preview

This is a sizzling hot colour-drenched Summer collection in radiant pinks and oranges, dazzling golds and bronzes.  It's what Summer actually was last year in Ireland.  It's what I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for this year (a gal can wish).  The collection is one I eagerly await each year (who am I kidding, I await all Chanel collections!) and sees products, as per usual, in each of the lips-eyes-face-nails categories...


L -> R: Glaze, Sexy, Hello, Happy, Sunny

The lips part of the collection features five Levres Scintillantes lipglosses at €27 a pop - these are, from what I can tell, not sparkling:

  • Glaze #03 (LE) - milky lilac (I think this was released before, I'm almost certain I had this years ago)
  • Hello #184 (LE) - subtle pale pink
  • Sexy #185 - fuchsia
  • Happy #186 - vibrant coral
  • Sunny #188 - luminous orange


L -> R: Mirabella, Sweet Lilac, Pink Tonic, Tutti Frutti, Eastern Light

... and in the nail department, we see five Le Vernis nailpolishes at €23 each:

  • Eastern Light #613 (LE) - (opaque) white
  • Sweet Lilac #615 (LE) - lilac / designed to match Glaze lipgloss
  • Pink Tonic #619 (LE) - fuchsia / designed to match Sexy lipgloss
  • Tutti Frutti #621 - coral / designed to match Happy lipgloss
  • Mirabella #623 - vibrant orange / designed to match Sunny lipgloss

As always, Chanel have come up with some cute suggestions for nail polish this summer:

... difficult, but not impossible.  Expect a bunch of creative YouTubers to come up with clever ways of reproducing this if you're digitally challenged, as am I :-)


Le Blush Creme in Cheeky 

This collection has but one face product - Le Blush Creme (cream blusher) at around the €34.50 mark:
  • Cheeky #79 - rosy, red-based brown (use as a blusher or a summer bronzer)


And finally, this is where Chanel really gets me; the eye products :-).  We have two very cool and funky coloured waterproof mascaras, three Illusion d'Ombres and one waterproof eyeliner... Le Sigh... 

L -> R: Utopia, Mirage, Copper 

The three Illusion d'Ombre shades (€30):
  • Mirage #95 - golden bronze (if you like Initiation but hate the chunky sparkle, this is for you)
  • Utopia #96 (LE) - lavender
  • New Moon #97 (LE) - copper (looks a little bit like Ebloui, will be curious to compare these)

Ambré Doré

The Stylo Yeux Waterproof (eyeliner, €23.50):
  • Ambré Doré #911 (LE) - golden bronze

L -> R: Violet Touch, Orange Touch

And the two Inimitable Waterproof mascaras (€31.00):

  • Violet Touch #67 (LE) - purple
  • Orange Touch #77 (LE) - orange

(Use these just on the bare tips of your lashes, after coating first in black mascara for an interesting pop of colour - it's a lovely quirky way to introduce colour to your eyes without having to wear eyeshadow in the heat!)

And there you have it.  Definitely hoping for hot sunny days to purchase and wear some of this.  I can definitely see myself using that purple mascara, bronze eyeliner and (as always) Illusion d'Ombre shades (all of' 'em!)  This one hits the counters on 6th June.  That's next weekend, folks.

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