16 May 2014

Caudalie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum - review

Oh my sweet holy mother of all that's wonderful, is this amazing stuff.

A lovely decent sized sample of Caudelie Vinosource SOS Thirst Quenching Serum was kindly given to me a couple of months back, and I honestly forgot I had it.  I rediscovered it a couple of weeks ago and I. Have. Been. Loving. It.

This one is a a hydrating serum, and I was advised not to use it every night, and true to form, I don't need to - I probably did for the first week, and now I use it every few nights.  It smells utterly divine, a beautiful, slightly sweet, subtle, vaguely lemon smell (it smells like Creme de la Mer lipbalm, if anyone's familiar with that - yum!)  It's designed for extremely dehydrated skin, but I have heard from some blogger pals of mine that it works better on dry and slightly dehydrated skin.  My own research tells me that there have been (at best) mixed results with more skin that's more mature or extremely dry/dehydrated.  All I know is what it has done for me.

And that was... after just one week, helllloooooo rested, relaxed, bouncy, elastic, joyful looking healthy skin.  I use it every two-three nights, and each morning after I have used it, I wake up and, despite the early morning and the stress levels and general morning grumpiness and sleepy eyes, my face looks amazingly well rested, clear, dare I say, even slightly younger.  I am always careful to say this kinda stuff because I don't like selling something as a false promise, but I genuinely have noticed this happening.

Ingredients-wise, it's essentially water-based with glycerin assisting to hydrate and moisturise.  I like that it contains a bunch of natural hydrating ingredients (mainly plant- and seed- based) and hyaluronic acid.  I like that there are no parabens, mineral oils, GMOs, paraffin, animal-derived ingredients.  I really don't like the fact that it has silicones (albeit not a lot but still - why?!  there's no need!  So close to perfect!)

This'll set you back around €38ish (for 30ml pump bottle), and you can get it in Harvey Nichols (incidentally, they're having one of their events on 22 May, I know where I'll be!  Free champers and 10-25% off everything?  Nice...).  Anyhow, €38 for serum is, in my book, not a bad price.  I've happily paid much more for a decent serum.  This one is up there with my beloved (but far more expensive CDLM) serum.  Recommended.

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