25 Apr 2014

Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara - review

I'm really just a regular jane when it comes to things like fashion and beauty.  I am utterly clueless with regards to what's new, what's being launched by whom and when.  Like I mentioned in my very first post for Make Up for Dolls, I'm no expert.  Far from it.  I just share my findings.  Most of the products I try are based on recommendations and if I love them then... hurrah!

A classic example of this is the Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara.  It's a tube mascara. When I first read this I thought it was a typo.  I thought, it's a tube of mascara, ye gobshites, not "a tube mascara".  Yup, so naïve.  I had never heard of such a thing.  A mascara that coated all around each individual lash with a tube?!  Sounded like a load of codswallop to me.  But on to the trial. 

It's quite a wet mascara which personally I like, I appreciate that many people don't like them so much because they require a little more precision when applying them.  The style of wand was new to me too, incredibly slim with bristles scarcely a millimeter long.  I'm quite used to big fat chimney cleaner type wands, so I was intrigued, and not a little bit cynical.  But it was ridiculously user friendly.  The wand is so slim it slips easily in between even the outer lashes of your upper and lower lids, like a stealthy ninja, and grabs them easily as you wriggle the wand from root to tip.  With a big brush I always found these lashes almost impossible to tackle but this really is a joy to use, as it hugs each lash (even lashes you never knew you had) and coats them with a slick of the blackest black.  Proper black.  Glorious, delicious, magnificent, jet black. 

You have to work  fast as it dries quite quickly and you have to get it right first time as a second coat will result in clumps and lashes that resemble spiders' legs.  If you apply it properly the results are pretty beautiful. This stuff turned my scanty sparse short-arse lengths of fluff into long luscious curled Bambi-esque lashes. (Trish McEvoy also does a Lash Curling Mascara but I loved the curl I got from this).  And gorgeous volume.  Not only did each lash look thicker in its own right, there also seemed to be a whole lot more of them.  Wow.  Quantity and quality, my kind of mascara.  Also it isn't tested on animals which is a big plus. 

And the proof?
(The only make up used in this photo is Trish McEvoy High Volume Mascara)

When it dries it is water resistant.  While wearing this mascara I've suffered cat-allergy-related-streaming-eyes (I own a cat but will not give her up), gale-force-wind-related-streaming-eyes, sun-related-streaming-eyes (it's true!) and good-old-fashioned-break-down-related-streaming-eyes (when I was exhausted and emotional and my nearly-three-year-old insisted on disagreeing and arguing with everything single thing I said) and it. did. not. budge (apologies for the ridiculously long sentence).  You can cry, rub your eyes, fall asleep on your face (I didn't do this, I swear) and it will not smudge.  Mascara usually flakes or prints itself under my eyes after a few hours, due to my skin getting oily throughout the day but there was no sign of this whatsoever.  In fact it didn't shift until I intentionally shifted it.  I wish I'd discovered something like this years ago, I have actually lost a lot of the elasticity in the skin under my eyes from persistently rubbing away dark smudges, even when wearing high end brands such as Chanel and MAC. 

Now I've probably made it seem like you need a jackhammer to remove the stuff but your regular cleanser/eye makeup remover or even plain warm water will do the trick quite easily.  Seriously!  Please don't ask me for a scientific explanation for this because I can't give you one.  Perhaps it's a miracle.  The only con is the smell.  It does unfortunately ship with a strong eau-de-old-school-mascara, which is a shame but you can only smell it during the application.

This is my new best-friend-mascara (and I have tried many).  This is it.  The "one".  It's expensive at about €30 for 5g but I love it and I'm buying it when it runs out and you can't stop me.  I'm pretty sure it's made from black diamond and unicorn breath.  To see it in action on the Trish McEvoy website look here.

So that's it from me.  Until next time, flutter flirtatiously!
Emer x
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