2 Apr 2014

Changes to Make Up For Dolls Twitter!

Important announcement!

From here on in, MontyC has agreed to also post all things Make Up For Dolls -related under the @MakeUpForDolls twitter account!  As an absolutely avid (and brilliant) tweeter (as opposed to me, I'm just a twit!), I'm confident that Make Up For Dolls will have a much better presence and representation on Twitter than ever before.

MontyC will be posting thus:  <Twitter Text> via @MontyC

Whereas I (Siobhán) will be posting thus:  <Twitter Text>
<Twitter Text>  via @MakeUpForDolls

So please contact either MontyC or Siobhán from here on in at the same twitter username, by tweeting @MakeUpForDolls directly.  Any questions or comments, please holler!  In the meantime, welcome @MontyC's gradual takeover of the blog... gulp :-)

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