30 Apr 2014

April Guest Posts

Two blogs for the price of one yesterday in April's blog swap!

The ever-lovely Charlotte from the wonderful Makeup By Candlelight blog wrote a guest post on Make Up For Dolls, a piece on her April favourites, including a serum I've been dying to try out myself.  I've been following Charlotte's posts for a long time now and and I'm delighted she agreed to swap posts this month!  Find Charlotte's post here.

My guest post on Makeup By Candlelight is a snapshot look at just some of what's coming up in May;  Ireland (mainly Dublin-specific) news in the makeup and beauty world.  You'll find my post on Charlotte's blog, here.

I urge you to go check Charlotte's blog out if you are not already a follower!

Thanks so much to Charlotte for April's blog swap, and as always, thanks to all for reading.

s :-) xX

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