4 Apr 2014

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask & Eye Contour Mask - review

Today's post is my last post in a whole week of posting for Make Up For Dolls, and I'm talking first impressions of some Sisley products I've wanted to trial.

I finally got my act together and went to talk to the lovely counter manager at Sisley in Brown Thomas Cork.  I particularly wanted to try one of their cult products - their Black Rose Cream Mask, but as it turns out, I left with a sample of their Eye Contour Mask as well...

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

So let's start with the Black Rose Cream Mask.

This product has a legion of devoted fans around the world, including many of the top makeup artists working today (Mary Greenwell and Lisa Eldrige to name but two).  According to Sisley, it's their first mask "enriched with anti-ageing active ingredients specifically formulated to instantly provide the skin with a youthful and energised look".  Both good reasons to want to try it :-)

At my consultation at the counter, the lovely Sisley SA recommended cleansing and exfoliating before using the mask (so far so standard).  She then recommended applying a thin layer of the mask, and said it then could be used in one of two ways - either (1) as a mask: apply it, leave it on for ten to fifteen minutes and then wipe away the excess, continuing on with the next step of your routine as per usual or (2) as a treatment: apply it and massage it in, leave it sit on the skin and don't remove any excess or continue with any further skincare steps.

The cream itself is a pale pink colour which is very soft and smooth to the touch.   As the name suggests, it does smell of rose but it's not that strong.  The sample I got would probably have been enough for two masks if I hadn't been so heavy handed (and I was told to apply a thin layer, I guess I wasn't listening!)  It feels beautiful on the skin and after a while you almost forget you've got it on.

So I went with the second of the two application options and over the course of the evening I massaged it into my skin.  I didn't follow with a serum or night cream over it as instructed.  The result the following morning was impressive;  my skin looked fresh, plumped and healthy.  And the result lasted - I did that mask nearly a week ago, and I can still see the benefits of it.

Sisley Eye Contour Mask

Moving on, I'd like to next up mention the Sisley Eye Contour Mask sample that I have also been trying out.  As with the Black Rose mask, this can be used as either a standard ten-to-fifteen-minute mask or as a treatment.  Again, I went down the "treatment" route with this.  It's applied from the inner corner, all the way around your eye.  As with all eye products, a little goes a very long way.  This one feels lovely and cooling on the skin.  Over the course of the evening, I very gently tapped in the excess product.  There's no need to follow-up with an eye cream if you're using this as a treatment.  The result of this the following morning was nothing short of flipping brilliant - I looked as fresh as the proverbial daisy!  My eyes looked rested and wide awake with no signs of puffiness or darkness or tiredness to be seen.  And just like the face mask, the result is still visible, a week on.

Time to get the prices out in the open.  Sisley is a premium brand so we're talking premium prices here.  The Black Rose Cream Mask is €108 for 60ml and the Eye Contour Mask is €93 for 30ml.  Now, I'm a bit of a skincare nut and I do take my skincare seriously (you only get one face after all!) so as well as the products I use on a daily and weekly basis, I also have some, what I like to call, "Big Gun" products.  Those products I can count on when I need something that bit extra hard-working.  To me, these two products could fall into that category.  I could see myself using them if I had a special occasion coming up and wanted to look my radiant best or if I was feeling particularly wretched and need to feel like a human being again.  Time of the month.  Too much partying the night before.  A bout of insomnia stretching over a couple of days.  That kinda thing.  Overall, I was impressed with the results from both products, in particular the eye mask.  I would seriously consider buying both (although not at the same time!) and I'd probably get the eye mask first.  And use very, very sparingly :-)

Until next time*,

(* Join me again for my usual Mondays with MontyC posting next Monday!)

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