11 Mar 2014

Chanel Hydra Beauty Nutrition - preview

Chanel's new Hydra Beauty Nutrition range - moisturiser and lip balm

For those of you who love the Chanel Hydra Beauty range, Chanel are further building on their summer additions to the range from last year and are just about to launch two completely new Hydra Beauty Nutrition products, one for dry skin and one for dry lips.

The moisturiser: Hydra Beauty Nutrition Nourishing and Protective Cream for Dry Skin

New Hydra Beauty Nutrition moisturiser for dry skin

A completely new moisturiser which reactivates natural skin hydration and promises the "triple benefit of supreme hydration and intense nutrition and protection", the moisturiser is available from the 28th of March and will retail at €66.00 for a 50ml jar.

The star ingredients of this are camelia and camellia oil, which claim to hydrate, replenish, repair and nourish the skin, while blue ginger provides antioxidant protection.

Although the Hydra Beauty Sérum didn't work for me, friends of mine and fellow bloggers use it and love it as their "treat" serum.  I have also used the Hydra Beauty Gel-Creme in the summer months and have to say that I absolutely love it, it's a perfectly lightweight moisturiser for the hotter weather.  This might maybe be its winter-time equivalent, especially for dryer skin?  Go get a sample and try it out.

The lipbalm: Hydra Beauty Nutrition Nourishing Lip Care

10g of lip care loveliness in a fairly harmless looking jar...

Again claiming to "nourish, repair and protect" dry and damaged lips, at €36.00 for 10g, this one is definitely on my list to try out.  I am a firm, staunch, unyielding proponent of a particular lip balm, it's one of my treat products, it's a particularly expensive lip balm, I won't mention any names (but let's just say it rhymes with La Bear) and everything I've read on blogs about this new Chanel product suggests that (at half what I am paying for my current lipbalm), this one will give it a serious run for its money.  And just when I'm due to replace my other stuff :-)

Again, this product makes use of the hydrating benefits of camellia together with the nutritive effects of camelia oil, together with essential fatty acids and plant waxes.  As with the moisturiser, this is due to launch on the 28th of March and I'm very curious to try... depending on your perspective, we're either just exiting the season where you really need lipbalm, or we're entering it (I hate wearing lipstick in the summer, I much prefer a good lipbalm instead).  Either way, worth a look see in another couple of weeks methinks!

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