7 Mar 2014

La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense – review

THE Great Winter Skin Saver

“Himself indoors” is playing with my skincare products again lately and has taken rather a shine to this particular one.   It’s La Roche-Posay’s offering for “dry and very dry” skin.  Stir-in “sensitive” (skin, at least, whatever about anything else) and you’ve got him to a tee.  So he started using this about six weeks ago, at the worst-time-of-the-year (for dry skin) to see how it would work out...

According to himself, he loves it – and I can see the difference, his skin looks rested, relaxed, smoothed-out, hydrated, plumped-up, even, healthy, glowing, normal.  All of the things you look for in good skincare product claims!  I “left him” at this one as I was busily trialling a number of other items at the time, and honestly, I’m taking it back – having seen how effective this is on him, I can only imagine the magic it’ll work on me. 

This is a light cream texture, and like all La Roche-Posay items, scent-free, paraben-free, great for sensitive skin.  He hasn’t had any bad skin reactions in any way.  He said that it applies easier than his previous skincare products, that he uses far less of it than with his previous skincare products, and that it’s way more effective than his previous skincare products.  That he “isn’t aware of his skin in any way” while using this (considering that it’s “that” time of year when skin is dry and cranky, this is a resounding vote of confidence).

obligatory back-of-hand splodge

But please, La Roche-Posay, please, please consider changing the names of your products.  Please.  It doesn’t have to be something typically ridiculously long, or convoluted, or hard to remember.  It doesn’t have to be punny, or funny, or sexy, or contain references to its key ingredients, or essentially be an entire paragraph promising what it will do for my skin.  I would just love to see something not quite so… well… functional. Teutonic.  Harsh (not to mention, aside from this one perhaps, usually difficult to pronounce).

Name aside, looks like this really is the business.  Recommended for boys and girls alike!  I’m going to steal this one back.  Let’s see if he notices it’s missing from the bathroom shelf...

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