26 Nov 2012

Shu Uemura False Eyelash Applicator

Shu Uemura False Eyelash Applicator

These look like a great idea, but they're not for me.  They're not bad, they're just not for me.

These are expensive - they cost €32.53 in Brown Thomas Dublin.  I managed to get them for free on my loyalty card some years ago, when I was struggling with applying lashes to myself (other people: fine... me: difficult).  I've never had much luck using them on me or anyone else, with one exception (see below).

Up close n personal

The idea behind these is a clever one.  They're shaped so that you can grip lashes along their length.  So far so good.  There are no pointy edges to stick into your eyeballs (always a good thing).  However personally I find it much easier to apply lashes with a standard tweezers (look here for how I apply falsies).  I actually find that these are so long and big that they just get in the bloody way and I can't see what I'm doing (on me).  I also find that there's less control with using these to apply lashes (on others).

The only exception to this?  Something more intricate like applying Paperself lashes, where you're not dealing with an even, curved, lash shape; sometimes it's easier to use something like this applicator to grip the lashes and apply them.  Other than that, I prefer "normal" tweezers.

For more information on these, look here.


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