29 Nov 2012

Essence - Twilight Breaking Dawn Part II Shimmer Powder in Bella's Secret (Highlighter)

Essence Breaking Dawn Part II
Shimmer Powder - Bella's Secret

Irrespective of whether you fall into the "love" or "loath" camp for the Twilight franchise, this makeup is lovely lovely lovely stuff.

I may have mentioned in the past that I'm a little bit obsessed with highlighters, illuminators, illuminisers and all things shiny that make you look awake and young and alert and besides, anything that can highlight the tops of my cheekbones (and make my cheeks look less rounded) is fine by me!

While waiting at my local chemist's for a script to be fulfilled, I spotted the Twilight BDII collection in the Essence stand.  I quite like some Essence stuff (eg these Paperself lash dupes released in a recent collection), and although I wasn't to particularly bothered with the blusher or pigments in the collection, I could see from swatches that the highlighter/shimmer powder had merit.

Swatched, and photographed with flash

And it certainly does.  It's a gorgeous everyday powder highlighter, a cool-toned white-ish champagne-ish gold, the shimmer is subtle enough - no chunky glitter particles, neither is it over the top metallic.

So what's good about it?  It's not too metallic.  It's not too sparkly.  It has no fallout.  It actually lasted a decent amount of time; most of the day in fact.  It's subtle-enough-yet-obvious-enough to use as a decent work/day highlighter on cheekbones and even the cupid's bow (something I don't often do for work).  It actually works well as an eyeshadow and lasts quite an appreciable few hours on the lid over primer without either creasing or fading.  It gives a nice stepped-up-from-a-subtle-glow-without-being-OTT look to the cheekbones.

For €3.79 you get 11g of this.  That's right - less than four quid.  And quite honestly, it rivals some of the more expensive offerings I have.  Highly recommended, if you can still get hold of it.  The blusher from the collection also looks amazing... I believe that's also under a fiver.  I may "splurge" ;-)


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