30 Nov 2012

Guest Review: Diorskin Nude Foundation

Natalie Portman for Dior
(Guest Post - from the pen (well, computer) of the lovely @MontyC)

Foundation has come a long way from pan stick; there was probably less science involved in getting the first rocket into space than has gone into the latest foundations on counter today!  I'd been eyeing up one of these all-singing, all-dancing, super-skin foundations for ages and let's face it, with Natalie Portman purring out at me from the pages of Vogue, telling me via telepathy that this was the foundation for me and my face, then it would seem rude to ignore her advice and not to buy Diorskin Nude... right?

Diorskin Nude Foundation

I tried this foundation in two formats;  powder and liquid.  The day I went to my local Dior counter, the very friendly and chatty sales assistant topped up my foundation (not Dior and on my face since about 8am that morning) with the Dior Skin Nude compact powder foundation in #20.  She didn't use very much but I absolutely loved the effect.  My foundation looked good as new and I, as fresh as daisy (and not hot, sweaty and under pressure for time on a very rushed lunch break).  She also gave me to two good sized samples of the liquid foundation in shades #10 (the lightest shade) and #20 (which she'd used on me).  Shade-wise, there isn't much between the two but #10 is the better match for me I feel.

The texture of this foundation feels beautiful on the skin and blends very easily.  I prefer to apply my foundation with a brush but if you prefer to use your fingers, fire away as this will move and blend beautifully for you either way.  I know that I keep using the word "beautiful", but that's the one word that keeps coming to mind when I use this foundation.  It's beautiful to use, beautiful to apply and looks beautiful on.  This foundation would make anyone with half decent skin look really good, and with really good skin, look amazing.  If this foundation were a person, they'd be the nicest person you've ever met and you'd be hoping they fancied you!

One thing though, if you like a lot of coverage, this may not be the foundation for you.  Of course, you could also use a good concealer with this foundation and get a higher amount of coverage that way (there is also a Dior Skin Nude concealer available to match but I haven't tried it).  

There is another thing about this foundation.  If you already own the new YSL Le Teint Touche Éclat foundation, then you don't really "need" the Diorskin Nude foundation (and likely vice versa).  I own a bottle of the YSL (my shade in this is BD10) and if I were pressed to find a difference between the two, then Diorskin Nude has a smidge more coverage than the YSL, but other than that they look very similar applied.

I love this.  But I have the YSL.  Maybe when I have used that one up, maybe then I'd purchase the Diorskin Nude instead.  Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps!

Many thanks to the lovely @MontyC for this post!


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