2 Nov 2012

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils (Black Bean, French Fries, Iced Mocha, Milk)

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils in #604/Milk, #617/Iced Mocha, #609/French Fries, #601/Black Bean

I've heard so much about these pencils!  The Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk (in particular) is a very opaque white and I've seen it used a lot on YouTube as an eyeshadow primer.  In general I like NYX products, although they can be difficult to find in Ireland (I get NYX from Flair in Dublin, although they annoyingly don't stock the Jumbo Eye Pencils - these I bought online).

The colours, the pigmentation, the payoff?  Amazing.  The rest?  Read on!

The Swatches

#601/Black Bean, #609/French Fries, #617/Iced Mocha, #604/Milk 

As you can see these are very pigmented and very opaque - these swatches were not made particularly heavily.  The black is very black, the white is very white, the two goldy-bronzy-taupy shades are very metallic.  All good.

Inglot #373: (1) on bare skin (2) over UDPP (3) over TFSI (4) over NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk

The white is extremely impressive from this perspective - it is hard to get a white shadow to show up very white on your skin (outside of theatrical makeup that is).

Above, I applied Inglot #373 (a matte white powder eyeshadow) on bare skin, on top of Urban Decay Primer Potion, on top of Too Faced Shadow Insurance and on top of NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk.  As you can see, the NYX pencil in Milk is the best primer for getting the white eyeshadow to show up with any decent opacity.

See here for more information on eye primers in general.

The Downside

*sighs*.  It's never simple, is it.  There's always a downside.

These budge.  They move.  They slide and slip shift and transfer and crease.  Over primer or not.  Pigmentation and opacity aside, these don't last piddling time, to be blunt about it.  Largely useless therefore.

OK I've bought some, I have greasy lids, how to make them work?

As an eye primer, unless you have dryer-than-the-Sahara eyelids, these are completely unusable.  Or unless this is just for a look which you will then photograph and remove almost immediately.  Or unless you don't mind the creased look (sometimes I don't, sometimes I do).  Or unless you plan on using them as facepaint, somewhere other than on your eyelids.

As a liner for the waterline however, these really come into their own - they're buttery soft, and they do seem to last about the same amount as any other pencil liner (apart from the Avon Supershock Gel Liner pencil, which lasts forever and a day), and because of the opacity, they look amazing.  I have used these on brides, on old and young and they work.  So I'll continue to use them on the waterline.

Despite the relatively inexpensive nature, given how hard it is to get these in Ireland, I don't recommend bothering with them (unless you want them in your arsenal for non-eye primer use).


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