21 Sept 2012

Dupe alert: Paperself Lashes

After yesterday's mammoth post, today's post, bringing DupeWeekTM to an end ;-) is short and sweet..

Essence Cherry Blossom Girl paper lashes

How utterly gorgeous are these?  Essence's latest collection, called Cherry Blossom Girl, features a bunch of soft reds and corals and these gorgeous eyelashes.

Remember Paperself lashes?  Equally gorgeous (I purchase from asos.com) for very special events, but at around €18, expensive for lashes that can be re-used, but only if you're very very careful.

These manage to be pretty and delicate and glamorous and intricate and dramatic all at once.

The Essence offering is €2.49 as I recall.  Whereas the Paperself lashes come in a number of designs, this is the only one offered by Essence, and only for the duration of this collection (of course, at that price, I purchased a few!)

How to fit:  the same way as normal strip lashes...

Essence Paper Lashes - cuuuuuuuute!
  • Cut to size
  • Add some lash glue
  • Wait about thirty seconds (until it's slightly tacky)
  • Close your eye
  • With tweezers (or fingers!) place the centre of the strip lash on the centre of your lash line
  • Tuck in the band at the inner corner of your eye
  • Tuck in the band at the outer corner of your eye
  • That's it, you're done!

To re-use, remove gently from your lash line, and then carefully pick the glue from the band.  I'm looking forward to wearing these out...


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