18 Sept 2012

e.l.f. Studio Cream Eyeliner

I'd use a smaller image if I could.
Dreadful stuff.
Oh dear god.

A whole pile of a stinking heap of Please Don't Bother.

Having heard great things in the blogosphere about e.l.f, I spent the grand sum of €25 lately on a large stash of Things To Try Out.

One of these things was the e.l.f. Cream Eyeliner - I got it in black.

Swatches using the liner brushes below:
MAC 209, MAC 263 ,MAC 210, MAC 266, e.l.f. liner brush

The brushes I used to try to make this stuff work... I tried and I tried...

This stuff is stiff and unyielding, it's hard to move, it skips, it's dry, it's frankly bloody awful.

At £3.75 it's a great price.  I wanted to love it.  It's a deeply pigmented true black.  It's genuinely budge-proof and waterproof.  It lasts and lasts and lasts.  But only if you persevere and spend an absolute age crafting liner on eye.  It's just so dry that it's bloody awful to work with.

If you already have an eyeliner mixing medium (Inglot, MAC, Make Up For Ever, The Makeup Store... all do one of these) you can always add a drop to this liner, mix it in and get something that's usable.

As always with dried-up, or dryer formula, or older cream/gel eyeliners, an angled brush will be easier to work with (you can see how bent the brushes above are - this gives an indication of how stiff this product is).  Don't even bother trying with a fine liner brush (look here for liner brush recommendations).

e.l.f. (UK) are currently offering £1 shipping which is great.  They're a nice company to deal with.  The shipping is quite fast.  The website is simple to navigate.  The prices are great.  I have a bunch of other products that I'll be putting to the test, in the interest of trying out some budget makeup.  This particular one however, is a miss.


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