19 Sept 2012

(Accidental) Dupe Alert: Giorgio Armani Sheer Lipstick

Armani Sheer Lipstick #8
I have and love this lipstick.  It's unusual... really sheer, but pigmented.

The one thing I don't love about it is the weird plastic-y smell/taste from it.  But that fades after a few minutes, so I can ignore it.  I have it in #8 which is a blue-based fuscia pink.  Scary-looking in the tube (if you are easily scared of very bright colours!) but a lot more sheer on the lips - it's positively luminous and juicy, and as I've mentioned, quite pigmented for something so sheer.  In general, I tend to favour either extreme;  ultra-flat-ultra-matte reds and pinks, or glossy and sparkly lipglosses in golden-biased nudes and lilacs, but this one is a little different for the odd occasion I feel like being different.

On to the dupe...

Open any magazine and you'll note that L'Oréal (who own Giorgio Armani Cosmetics) have released a new range of sheer lipsticks called Rouge Caress.  The particular shade as modelled in the main graphic caught my eye and I thought I'd like to purchase.  So purchase I did.  For the record, it's #06 (Aphrodite Scarlet).  And brought it home.  And used it.  And wondered aloud, don't I have something like this already?  Accidental dupe then.

L -> R: Armani Sheer Lipstick #8, L'Oréal Rouge Caress #06
Hardly any difference whatsoever.
  • The formula?  The same.
  • The wear?  The same.
L -> R: L'Oreal, Armani
  • The finish?  The same.
  • The colour?  Practically almost the same (hardly any difference).

Top: Armani
Bottom: L'Oréal
(slightly overly-exposed, but you can see the similarity)
  • The weird plastic-y smell?  Not there in L'Oreal.
  • The price?  L'Oréal wins at €9-ish versus the Armani €27-ish offering (incidentally, Superdrug are currently offering L'Oréal at 3-for-2 at the moment).

Can you tell the difference?  Recommended: L'Oréal.


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