25 Sept 2012

Barry M Chameleon Colour Changing Nail Effects

A bit childish perhaps, a bit of a gimmick, but fun nail art when you're in a hurry... Barry M do great nail polishes in great colours, and they usually are one of the first out with the new trends (like magnetic polish, or crackle glaze or what have you) and they're cheap-as-chips and they're good quality and they're readily available...

The shades available

There are three polishes available, all under a fiver, from Boots or the Barry M site; I purchased the only one I was particularly interested in, the Pink one.

330 Pink
Quick-n-dirty demo using a top coat to show the colour change (not my best nail art work, admittedly!)

... After
This is a nice shade of pink on its own - generally one coat will achieve sufficient opacity, but you probably want to use a base coat with these, as any ridges or imperfections tend to show through (they're a chrome finish).  It's a salmon-rose colour which turns into a mid-purple once you add clear polish (or a top-coat).

These dry reasonably quickly, although the pink (original colour) looks more uniform and opaque - when you add the topcoat to change it to purple, the purple seems a bit more... jelly-ish... slightly less opaque than the pink colour... not as uniform.  Still, it's a quick-n-dirty way of getting some nail art going with just one polish (and a topcoat, natch).



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