3 Sept 2012

Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash

Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash: meh
This is... well...

What can I say about it.  It's about the €32ish price mark (aka: not cheap).  It's a cream-gel textured balm thingie you use under your eye.  According to the Clarins' SA, "not every day";  it's not meant to be used as your daily under eye cream/gel/lotion/hybrid jobbie, it is supposed to be used "only" on those occasions you need a little extra TLC.

Continuing along with the things I can say about it.  It's... a kind of translucent-y white-ish colour.

It's... inoffensive smelling.

And it's, ummmm.... well, it doesn't do any harm, I guess you could say. 

According to Clarins, this "Refreshes, Tightens, Brightens.  [...] Tired eyes look and feel brighter and more rested. Skin is firmer and perfectly hydrated while a decongestant action reduces shadows and puffiness".

What I found.

Well, I've pretty much intimated as much above, but it was "not bad", "ok", I guess.  Just nothing terribly exciting.

Allow me to digress about a related product.  I am not a fan of Beauty Flash Balm.  I just don't get it.  I don't see the fuss.  I have tried using it during my 20's and 30's and it made sweet-FA of a difference.  This purports to do for the eyes what Beauty Flash Balm does for the face.  So, I thought I'd give it a whirl, despite the fact that I don't rate the "Face" variant.

In terms of hydration?  It certainly felt comfortable.  It wasn't quite cooling, which I expect a gel or cream-gel to be (then again, application is supposed to be made after first warming it up between your fingertips).  It was certainly moisturising enough;  even after some heavy-duty eye makeup remover which would usually make my eyes a bit uncomfortably dry-feeling, it did the trick.

In terms of removing puffiness?  Well, I only used it once to try alleviate this (I generally don't suffer with puffy eyes).  It didn't particularly work (teabags or cucumber slices are far and away the simplest, cheapest and best cure for this).

In terms of making a difference to dark circles?  Nope.  Then again, there's not a lot that will make a difference to dark circles other than concealer and/or corrector (see here and here for some links on using and selecting correctors and concealers)

Apparently, this works for all skin types.  I don't see why not.  I have normal enough skin underneath my eyes, tending towards a little dry or if I use my "non usual" eye makeup remover.  It certainly worked fine under both circumstances, and it's sufficiently light in texture that it shouldn't vex oilier skin types.

It certainly worked during the day and the evening.

It certainly worked as an under-eye primer - but most of the time you won't specifically need one of these, generally your "usual" under-eye cream will suffice anyhow.

Like most Clarins products, it essentially features natural/plant-based ingredients, which is a plus (white tea, wheat proteins*, vitamin E, rose petal, olive leaf, waterlily milk).  Great if you prefer natural-based products.

(* But to be avoided if you're coeliac, then).

I won't say "avoid", but it really is (to borrow a quote) "Mostly Harmless".  At this cost, it's not a necessity.  My preference  or a better alternative for this function is the MAC Fast Response Eye Cream.  At around a tenner cheaper, it actually delivers.


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