9 Feb 2012

Read all about it! Avon Liner in "Supershock" Chanel dupe!

Chanel Rose Platine,
Avon Supershock in Golden Fawn,
Chanel Khaki Platine,
MAC Street Cool Shadestick
I have to confess, I am a bit late to the party with this one.  But perhaps there are some people out there who are unaware of this... so I'll post anyhow...

I had a eureka moment about two weeks ago, when I realised that a very close match for my beloved LE* Chanel Rose Platine eyeliner pencil (ref the always lovely Café Makeup for more info) was the latest (sadly LE also) cheap-as-chips Avon Supershock gel eyeliner pencil in Golden Fawn.

I excitedly got in touch with my previously mentioned Chanel buddy to tell her the "amazing news".  Oh yes, she nodded sagely, BBB (British Beauty Blogger, drat her quick-off-the-bat-ness) has already blogged about that one.  Le sigh.  Beaten again :-)

Either way, no harm in mentioning how beautiful this Avon pencil is.  Like all of their Supershock pencils, it glides on, like butter.  It's highly pigmented.  It smudges beautifully, once you work quickly enough, should you want it to that is.  Then it sets in-place, like all the other Avon Supershock Gel Eyeliner Pencils, and doesn't budge.  All day long.  Even on my watery waterline.

 [Edit: 05-Mar-12 Updated with less blurry image]
It's a lovely champagney-beigey offering, with a metallic finish, and the barest tiniest hint of a gold-pink-taupe undertone.  I am in love.

I have swatched it here (on my hairy arm, thank you beaut.ie) in the following order: MAC Shadestick in Streetcool, Chanel Khaki Platine, Avon Golden Fawn, Chanel Rose Platine.  All are LE, incidentally.

By the way, my camera macro mode just refuses to work lately (I need a new one, bear with me) but even photographed badly, you can see the the undertones.

*For better images, I refer you to Karen lovelygirliebits' blog, which has some gorgeous close-ups :-)

 [Edit: 05-Mar-12 Updated with less blurry images]
Swatches; including no flash
It's not a precise match to the Chanel, but it's "close enough".  Let's face it, if it's "close enough" when swatched thickly on my aforementioned hairy arm, then when I apply it really thinly on my waterline, I shouldn't be able to tell the difference.

To prove it to myself, and others, I risked, one day (out of the usual weekly allocation of seven), looking like a total mismatched idiot, and wore Avon Supershock in Golden Fawn on one waterline (lefty, for reference).  And Chanel Rose Platine on the other (let's just call it "righty").

All day.  And checked it out periodically.  After about three hours, there was no sign of my lovely Chanel.  Which is what I'd expect, and in fact when I wear this pencil, I usually pop it into my bag with me (which is a pain in the buttocks, frankly).  The Avon, on the other hand, was still there... faded a bit ok, but still there for another hour or so.  At which point (lunchtime), I beat a hasty retreat to the BT powder room and applied Avon to both L&R.  Well, there's only so much a girl will do for reviews...

Sadly, both are LE but in terms of price differential, the Chanel was about six times the cost of the Avon.  I love Chanel makeup and will continue to support Poor Old Karl's empire, but I will be purchasing a few of these Avon beauties while they're still available... now, I just have to find a willing Avon rep in the Dublin area...

*LE=Limited Edition.  I probably shouldn't use acronyms...


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