3 Feb 2012

Magical Inexpensive Lipgloss - MyFace cosmetics

This post is about a magical lipgloss.  Every so often something comes along that is just amazing.  More often than not, this "amazing" product is expensive.  Not so much this time...

MyFace Cosmetics is a drugstore brand, available in Boots Liffey Valley for definite (not sure anywhere else, but worth a google search perhaps).  The point behind this company is that they separate skin tones out into Fair, Medium, Dark.  I have to be honest, I am not 100% in agreement with this division;  Fair, for example, apparently means "may have pink undertones".  At my palest I am quite fair but have very pronounced sallow, almost verging on greeny-olive undertones.  None of their "Fair" foundations work for me.

I'm digressing a little - I'm not going to get into their skin/undertone philosophy here.  Instead I wanted to bring to your attention a lipgloss I've been using for a couple of years now (as in, I get a "repeat prescription" quite regularly).  It's from their Fair range and it's #135 / I Like Boys.  The reason I like it is because it's an absolutely magical lipgloss.  By "magical" I mean that it boosts the colour of any lipstick or liner worn underneath, irrespective of their tone (browns, reds, pinks, oranges, you name it - I haven't tried it with my more over the top OCC Lip Tar colours mind), it absolutely supercharges the shade of whatever you're wearing already on your lips.  I highly recommend it.

It looks quite pigmented in the tube but really isn't particularly - worn on its own, it just amps up your natural lip colour (same as it does for any base underneath).  Plus points: it's a nice gloss, not gloopy or drippy or sticky; it's cheap too, around the €7-€8 mark.

By the way, I later purchased this in the Medium equivalent (235/Maneater), thinking, well if the Fair version does this for lighter lips, I wonder what the Medium one will do for darker, more pigmented lips or colours.  Nope, no dice.  It didn't have the same effect.  Don't bother with 235.  It's the 135 you want.

Highly recommended; as a gloss in its own right; as an inexpensive piece of makeup; as a magical lip-colour-boosting-device...


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