9 Feb 2012

MUA 3-in-1 Extreme Contour Liner: Don't Bother

MUA 3 in 1 eXtreme Contour Liner:
Extremely Useless
As the title suggests, don't bother.  This is a bit sad, because in general I really like MUA stuff (I have un-followed them on Twitter lately, because my feed was getting flooded with utterly excited and excitable posts from MUA and their twitterazzi, but that aside, I love them as a brand).  We have only a few Superdrug pharmacies in Ireland, and I have to travel to get to mine, but I usually stock up on a few items while I'm there or in London.

This one was an impulse buy.  Laden down with a whole bunch of eyeshadows (brilliant by the way, separate posts will follow later) which were going to collectively cost me less than one MAC eyeshadow, approaching the counter, I discovered this new item.  And I'm a sucker for marketing, and it had "extreme" in the name.  Sure for €1.50 or thereabouts, I figured it was worth a try.  That's really all it was worth.

Le Blurry Swatch
I brought it home and tried it on my lid.  This one looks like a calligraphy pen... the idea being you hold it one way to get a thinner line and the other way for a thicker line.  I couldn't get this to show up without going over it several times.  It's quite creamy so doesn't drag, no problems there.  It doesn't dry or set though, in fact it stays exactly the same after two hours wear, so it creases, moves, transfers and generally does all kinds of unwanted things.

I then swatched it to see what it would do.  Thinly and thickly.  As you can see, there's bugger-all difference.  And in attempting to swatch it more heavily, it broke.  As you can see in the pic.

Am not sure what is so "eXtreme" about this.  Extremely... bad?  Extremely... hard to make it show up?  Extremely... greasy and movey-abouty?  I got the shade "Gun Metal" for reference.  As you can see from their own swatches, this is one of the lightest shades so it would of course be difficult to get it to show up particularly (I am about NC20 for reference, so I'm not dark and it should show up on me).  But even over a primer, it moves.  Even set with a powder shadow, it moves.  Forget about it!

Fail.  Onwards to the next MUA review which was a definite success... posting shortly (check back for a link).


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