29 Feb 2012

MAC Cleansing Wipes

MAC Cleansing Wipes: Not bad, actually
I broke my own cardinal rule lately:  "Thou shalt never again, ever resort to using makeup removal wipes".  I have a pack of MAC cleansing wipes in my kit for "emergencies".  An unexpected trip to the hospital (not the visiting kind of trip) last week definitely qualified as such, and I was glad I had them (there wasn't going to be space or time for my usual makeup removal ritual pre-op).  I had avoided using them up until then, but I can now say that I will use them again;  not by preference, but certainly in a clinch they do the job.

The smaller packets of these don't work our cheaply.  But the price per sheet (when you buy the 100 pack) is roughly on a par with the price of drugstore wipes.  The wipes themselves are soft and not scratchy on your skin.  I really can't stand the smell, but that's a matter of opinion and tolerance.

On the day in question, I wasn't wearing particularly heavy base or eye makeup, and they removed "most" of what I was wearing.  One wipe was enough to remove this "most", with a few runs over my skin.  They did a decent job of removing (silicone based) foundation, eye makeup (no waterproof products) and a lipstain (courtesy of OCC Lip Tar), and were certainly better than the alternative (sleeping in said makeup, or waking up post anaesthetic in said makeup, and being too groggy to remove it at that point).

I have extremely sensitive, rosacea prone skin, and these tingled ever so slightly, but nothing that wasn't calmed down by a quick swipe of Bioderma Crealine afterwards to finish the cleanse (at least they didn't straight-up burn my skin, which most wipes can*).  They also didn't leave my skin feeling tight or dry.

I know some people have complained that these can sting, or that they have caused a rash, but I haven't found this to be the case, and my skin definitely tends to act out like a sullen teenager when I try out something new on it.

These contain Vitamin E and a proper facial cleanser, and as far as I'm aware, no alcohol, which probably makes the difference.


* This is not a compare-and-contrast post.  Suffice it to say yes I did use cleansing wipes in the past, and yes they were bloody useless and/or awful and yes, they weren't kind to my skin.  Hence my rule.


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