8 Oct 2014

Clarins Ombre Matte #5 Sparkle Grey - review

Very quick review today of another of the Clarins Ombre Matte shades, which have been available as part of the Autumn Ladylike Collection from Clarins... I've already used and reviewed two of these here as part of a Look of the Day post, today is the turn of #5 /Sparkle Grey.

with flash
without flash

This really is precisely the kind of shade and finish I love - as you can see, it's a mauve-and-brown toned grey, veering into that group of shades described as "taupe".  I bought this as it's the only one of the Ombre Mattes which has a bit of a (slight) frosted schparkle to it (it's not an annoying OTT fally-outy type frosting, never fear) and I did love the two matte Ombre Mattes I tried out (plus, I found myself back home in the sticks with ne'er an eyeshadow with me but a Clarins concession at the local pharmacy... handy out).

without flash
with flash

... as you can see from the pics, the flash shows off that slight reflection and reveals the mauvey-minky tone at the base of this shade.  I love it, I've been wearing it on its own as a schmeer of colour on my lids... together with a lighter shade and this in the outer corners as a subtle day-time blown-out smokey eye... on its own, built up at the lashline and pulled up and blended-out for a standard, classic smokey eye.

That's it!  Told you it'd be a quick one today!

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