6 Oct 2014

MontyC's Monthly Favourites: September 2014

Welcome to my September Favourites!  This month my favourites are made up of tried and tested products that I use again and again and if I'm under pressure for time as I know they will work for me every single time I use them.  They rock.

1.  Emma Hardie Balm Cleanser

I'm on pot number God-knows-what of this stuff but it is one of my all time favourite balm cleansers.  I double cleanse at night (because usually I've been wearing makeup that day) and will always start with a balm cleanser, then follow with a cream cleanser, and this is my weapon of choice.  It removes every scrap of makeup quickly and brilliantly.  And it smells divine.  Never without a pot of this.

2.  Eye pencils 

A bit of a generic title I do agree, but bear with me.  Because I've been getting up at Beyond Stupid O'Clock for work lately, my makeup has to go on quickly and easily but I've still got to look polished and pulled together.  This month my eye pencils have proved themselves over and again as my go-to quick-but-polished eye look.  A quick swipe of colour as a liner on my lash line (sometimes going thicker, sometimes not), follow up with mascara and boom, done!  It's a simple way of looking smart with minimum effort.  What's not to like!

3.  MAC Face & Body Foundation 

I'm on my third (big) bottle of this stuff.  Since I discovered this years ago (let's face it, since Siobhán banged on and on and on about it until she convinced me!), this has proved itself hands down one of my all time favourite foundations.  A bit of a cliché, but it really does look like "my skin but better".  It goes on so quickly and easily (especially at aforementioned Stupid O'Clock) and looks so beautiful, I genuinely don't think you could go wrong with it.  A absolute must have for me.

4.  Blush Horizon de Chanel

I love this soft glow blush from Chanel.  Love it I tell you.  It was a limited edition blush from last year's spring collection from Chanel (I think) and as you can see, mine is very well loved.  It looks very bright in the pan but in reality what it gives you is a fresh healthy natural flush of colour to your complexion, which is badly needed on these very early mornings and especially as we go into the Autumn months.  It will break my heart to finish this product!

5.  My personal lip combo of YSL Rouge Volupté Shine #6 and Chanel Glossimer #172

These are two more well-loved products.  I'm almost out of both but these have been my go-to lip combo this month;  not too bright but enough oomph of colour to lift it from being "just" a nude lip.  Smooth, soft and no need for a mirror to reapply.  Just swipe and go.  Big love.

Until next Monday!

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