3 Oct 2012

MAC Pro Sculpting Creams II - the Highlight Shades

This is Part II and refers to the highlight cream products from this line.
Please refer to part I: MAC Face & Body Collection and Pro Sculpting Creams for the darker (contour) products.

The two highlight shades are:

MAC Pro Sculpting Cream in Accentuate
Accentuate is described by MAC as "peachy beige" and is a great highlight on lighter skin tones (up to NC/NW 30 in my opinion).  It is a very pale colour with pink-neutral undertones and it probably suits pink undertones a little better, if I'm to be very picky about it - but I wear it and it looks fine on me.

MAC Pro Sculpting Cream in Naturally Defined
Naturally Defined is described by MAC as "warm beige" and better for use as a highlighter on darker skin tones (around NC45).  This is more of a medium tan beige-nude with neutral-tending-towards-very-slightly-warm-brown undertones.  For the uber pale, this could be used as a subtle skin-warming bronzer.
As mentioned in the other post, these are nice to work with;  they're a non-shimmer formulation with enough cream to make them blend easily, and enough powder to make them set in place.

L -> R: Naturally Defined, Accentuate
(on my NC25-ish skin)
As you can see from the above heavy swatches, I can easily use Accentuate easily, but Naturally Defined would be too dark as a highlighter on my skin shade/tone.

This was a quick one!  May I also refer you to the following links which also refer to contour products, techniques and tools... 
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Thanks for reading!


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