2 Oct 2012

Battle of the Clinique High Impact Mascaras...

L -> R: Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara
Clinique High Impact Mascara

Recently*, I found myself (the Extreme Horror!) in the situation, having packed far too quickly, of having No Mascara With Me.

As someone who was to scared by those little dagger-like application wands to even use the stuff until my late twenties dawned, I can not leave the house without it now.  So off into the local beauty hall went I (replete with extra large sunglasses to hide my naked lashes) with the intent of purchasing another Clinique High Impact mascara - one I already have (in travel size).

"Have you seen the new one?"  says the sales assistant.

"New one?"  says I.  Bring it on...

Ten minutes of product bumf and an emergency mascara application later, I emerged into the sunshine* with my brand new High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara.  In a larger, shinier and newer looking container than the old, plebeian, High Impact Mascara.

That shop had large windows.

* relatively recently.  Within the last six months or so, say.
**relative sunshine.  This story takes place in Ireland, after all.

Clinique High Impact Mascara

At €19.50 for 8g, link here to the Clinique site for more information this is available in Black and Black/Brown.  I (already) have the Black.

This is one of the best mascaras available (in my opinion).  I have some thirty or so different mascaras and can honestly say that this particular one is up there with the best.  It applies easily and I haven't found it to flake or smudge.  It never irritates my eyes and is removed with relative ease with my trusty eye makeup remover.  It adds a appreciable amount of length and a small amount of volume.  It doesn't curl lashes, but it does hold a curl nicely (if you use eyelash curlers first, or if you're blessed with naturally curly lashes;  I am not).  It requires two coats.  It's not so large that you can't use it on the lower lashline.  It's easy to apply.  I already mentioned that.  I'm starting to repeat myself now.  Not a lot of exciting things to say about this one, however it is really quite good.  No mess, no fuss, just good.  Up until recently this was considered Clinique's "volumising mascara".  Until...

Clinique High Impact Extreme Volume Mascara

At €21 for 10ml, link here to the Clinique site for more information, this is available in Black and Extreme Black.  I got the Extreme Black.

So how does it compare to the bog-standard Non-Extreme-Volume offering?


The tube on this, and the wand, are bigger.  The wand exits the tube in a flourish of wasted mascara that has to be wiped away before this can be applied to the eyes, unless you want a Large Bloody Mess.  It's a wetter mascara than the former and you need to give a few minutes between each coat to avoid clumping.  I have found that this is quite lengthening and volumising, however, it can look a little spidery, I have to use a comb to neaten this somewhat.  Because of the wetness of this formula, I haven't found it great on lower lashes.

Similar to the former, I haven't found this one to flake or smudge either.  It hasn't irritated my eyes and it also removes with ease.  As before, it adds length and volume.  I found it didn't hold a curl as well (probably because it's wetter).

Scarily large picture of my lashes... EXTREME CLOSEUP!

So - can you tell the difference?  The lashes on your left (as you view the image) have two coats of High Impact mascara.  The lashes on the right have two coats of High Impact Extreme Volume mascara.

There's really very little difference, in fact I think the High Impact is a better offering all-round.  Because you don't have to mess around with waiting for a wetter formula to dry both in between coats and at the end of application, nor do you need to tidy up with a spoolie/lash comb.  High Impact can be used on upper and lower lashes with ease.  It's cheaper.  The colour is the same.

I'll use the other one.  It's not a bad mascara.  But I don't think it's an improvement on its namesake.


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