9 Mar 2015

Oskia London Renaissance Cleansing Gel - Review

My name is Catherine and I'm a cleansing nut.  Why?  Because cleaning your skin properly is one of the best things you can do for your skin.  To clean your face properly, all you need is a face cloth and a decent cleanser.  Cleansers come in every texture you can think of so go with whichever one you like the best.  My favourite textures for my dry skin are creams and balms, and for today's Mondays with MontyC, I'm reviewing a cleanser that was a new discovery for me late last year, Oskia London Renaissance Cleansing Gel.

Oskia describes this as a cleansing gel but in reality the cleanser is more like a light balm.  There's a definite fragrance to it but it's by no means a powerful one (I find it quite relaxing) but it's something to keep in mind if you are particularly sensitive to smells;  for me, the smell of Oskia products is one of my favourite skincare scents.  And it comes closed with a pump - great as it means you can travel with it (not always easy with an oil or balm cleanser).

Oskia suggests that this is massaged onto dry skin, emulsified with a small amount of water, then removed with warm water & a muslin/face/wash cloth.  Standard enough stuff for oil/balm type cleansers then.  I find this leaves me with fresh, clean, soft, glowing skin.  And unless you wear a ton of heavy coverage or waterproof makeup, this will also remove your makeup in one step (heavier makeup will require a double-cleanse, as with most cleansers).

This has fast become one of my favourite cleansers.  Mind you, I've yet to come across an Oskia product I didn't like.  I bought this in SpaceNK on Grafton Street (Dublin) and unfortunately I cannot for the life of me find how much I paid for it, however I know that it costs £28 at both SpaceNK online and at OskiaSkincare.com.  Standard enough price too.  Definite recommend from me.

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