30 Mar 2015

NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette - review

For Today's Mondays with MontyC, I'm sharing my love of a recent birthday gift... the NARSissist Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette,  When it comes to present buying my family, we make life easy and tell each other what it is we want!  So as requested, this palette appeared on my birthday from my siblings, together with a lovely bottle of wine.  Happy girl, me!

Once you open it, you'll find eight eye shadows, an eye shadow brush and a decent enough size mirror.  The shadows themselves can be worn wet or dry but my personal preference is to wear them dry, so the swathes you'll see here on this post will be of them dry.  Texture-wise, these eyeshadows are incredibly soft and can be applied just as well with a brush or your finger  Finish-wise, these are opaque with a nice soft sheen, but if you want a more metallic finish, then wearing them wet is the way to go.

Top row (no flash)
Top row (with flash)
On the top row: a soft pale pink, a golden bronze, a chocolate brown and a deep burgundy.

Bottom row (no flash)
Bottom row (with flash)

On the bottom row: a pale cream, a gun metal grey, a rich navy blue and a very deep grey.

Don't be put off by the deeper colours if they're not usually your thing;  they can be sheered-out to almost a whisper if that's what you're more comfortable with.  Another thing to note here is how well all the shades work with each other - this is most definitely an "every occasion" palette :-)

Price-wise, this palette will cost you €59 (available in store and online at Brown Thomas, although it is LE so I am not sure if it's still around) - not a bad price;  these eye shadows are available as singles, but they'll set you back €27 each (granted they'd be a little bigger but for €59 you get eight shadows and a very decent eye shadow brush).

I love this palette.  I love the colours, the textures, and how easy they are to use and wear.  At a time when I'm being a lot more choosy about makeup purchases (and which of my stash I retain too!), this will get a whole lot of use I think.

Until next Monday!

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