7 Nov 2014

Benefit The Porefessional Pro Balm - review

Good morning Friday Friends, this week's post is a review of Benefit's The Porefessional Pro Balm which is designed to reduce the appearance of (yup you've guessed it) pores...

It can be used on its own for smoother looking skin, or under/over makeup for a softer airbrushed finish.  I have been using a sample tube which is only 7.5mls, but it seems to be lasting a long time.  It took me a couple of goes to get to grips with how much I should be using;  the first time I used way too much... fills in pores and fine lines you say?  Grand, let me just grab my trusty trowel and fill in the gaps.  This "Polyfilla" approach didn't work, but I guess you probably knew that!

The instructions advise dabbing a small amount on problem areas and blend-out towards the edges so by my, well, third attempt I took them at their word and literally used a tiny amount, which worked a treat.  My pores certainly looked smoother, though didn't disappear.  The balm is lightweight and skin-coloured - what's skin-coloured, really? - the important thing is that this complements all skin colours as it is translucent when applied.  It contains a vitamin E derivative to give protection against free radicals, and also has some light reflecting ingredients in there too to give the illusion of brighter flawless skin.  It has a very light and pleasant feminine scent, nothing weird or offensive.

I wouldn't label this as a primer per se, but more of a skin-texture-corrector-type-product.  Despite claiming to hold makeup in place for longer I found the opposite to be true.  At first my makeup seemed to glide on all nice and matte and my makeup blended well on top.  When my skin began to do it's oily T-Zone thing (around lunchtime, regular as clockwork) however, Porefessional threw in the towel (figuratively) and fell to pieces (literally).  My foundation looked patchy, caked, bunched and greasy, separated-out and downright skanky if I'm truly honest.

After some experimentation, I discovered that I preferred the effect of dabbing a little on top of my makeup to target specific areas.  Although my skin did eventually become a little oily and the flawless effect didn't last very long, at least it didn't blitz my foundation, used thusly.  I will happily use the end of my sample tube but at €34 for the full-sized tube (22ml), I won't be repurchasing.  If it wasn't so expensive I would certainly use it for a quick-fix when needed but considering it wasn't the skin-like-a-baby's-butt-in-a-tube that I was looking for I find this to be waaaay over-priced.

Should you wish to peruse further details, product ingredients etc you can visit the Benefit website here.

That's it from me, I'm signing-off for another Friday!  Until next time, I'm off to inspect my pores in a magnifying mirror.

Emer (theartymama) x

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