12 Jul 2012

Sublime de Chanel Waterproof Mascara

New! Sublime de Chanel
Waterproof Mascara

AKA My New Favourite Waterproof Mascara...

Chanel's claims: Length and curl mascara

This is due into the stores tomorrow!  Friday the 13th of July (2012) with Les Expressions de Chanel collection.  Many thanks to Chanel PR for sending me on a sample for my consideration pre-launch.

This will only be available in 10/noir (black).

According to Chanel, this mascara was apparently "especially developed to meet the needs of Asian women" whose lashes tend to be quite straight, and more importantly, who live in hot humid countries and need a long-lasting waterproof formula.

According to me (I've been using it for a month now), it's a fantastic mascara, with one caveat.

It's supposed to give length and curl.  I can certainly concur that it gives great length and decent volume (thanks to its thickening waxes and cellulose microfibres) and some curl (which is set and lasts thanks to a vinyl derivative).  If you want a lot of curl, use eyelash curlers first, it's not going to perm your lashes for you :-)

It's supposed to last the day - it most certainly did, with no fallout or flaking or drying issues.

It supposedly does all of this "in a single stroke".  Sorry, that's absolutely not true, it needs to be built-up, like most mascaras though in fairness.

The sample arrived (thanks Chanel) in time for a bridal party I was doing and I needed a new waterproof mascara, so I thought I'd give this a whirl.  The bride was delighted she was getting a new Chanel mascara that wasn't even released to the public yet.  I wasn't so happy.

This is where the caveat comes in... this mascara categorically doesn't work with disposables.  It's designed to be used with the rubber wand that comes with it.  With a standard disposable spoolie it was dry and flaky.  Once used with its own wand, however, it was absolutely perfect.  There's an easy way around this.  Use only the wand that it comes with and sanitise it between uses.  Or keep the rubber mascara wands (from used mascaras) for use as "disposables", again using a disinfectant/sanitiser to keep them scrupulously clean between uses.  Or, get yourself some disposable rubber spoolies (I have some from before, but they're very very hard to get hold of).

In the past I've always used Chanel Inimitable Waterproof mascara, which has always lasted well, is buildable from "smidgen" to "voluminous", but despite its claims to curl, I haven't found it great for this on its own (but it will cement curls in place if you use your curlers first).  To-date this has been my bridal mascara of choice, but I may switch to the new Sublime Mascara for when I want more volume.

As a "standalone" mascara, highly recommended.  As a mascara for your kit, just make sure you have lots of disinfectant (and/or rubber spoolies) on hand.


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