5 Jan 2012

Recommended Makeup Brands - Other Products

The last part of a series of five posts on recommended items (as requested by Makeup Bootclass students).  See here for the first in the series.  This post covers the remaining fun bits and pieces not covered elsewhere (but used in class) (ie glitters, finishing spray, lashes).

These product recommendations are listed here.

Supporting Cast...
"Supporting Cast" Recommended Products
Pigments / Glitters
  • Barry M Dazzle Dust and Glitter Dust  Really cheap, really pigmented loose pigments and glitters
  • Makeup Forever Diamond Powder and Star Powder  Expensive but beautiful fine glitters
  • Kryolan Glamour Sparks  Less expensive than Makeup Forever for a much larger amount, and at least as good if not better - but only available online
  • MAC Loose Pigments and Reflects Pigments  Brilliant loose pigments, excellent colour pay-off, avoid the chunkier glitter ones if you just want a pigment.  The Reflects range of pigments are beautiful glitters

Finishing Spray

  • MAC Fix+  Use this over makeup to meld it all together.  Be careful if you're wearing a non-waterproof mascara.  This is not a setting spray, but it does help your makeup last a little longer and look less chalky, especially if you're using a lot of matte powder products.  This is one of those very useful products, you can also use it to foil your eyeshadows, for example, and you can spritz it underneath a drying makeup to make it blend a little easier;  to cool down your face (without disturbing your makeup) in hot conditions;  mixed with some glitter or metallic pigments to provide a shimmery spray for face/body... etc.

  • BUDGET: RevlonArdell
  • SPLURGE: MACBenefit  (recommended tentatively, as the lash band is a little floppy), Makeup ForeverShu Uemura, Illamasqua (recommended tentatively, as the lash band tends to be a little stiff)
  • GLUEDuo Adhesive  Latex-based glue


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