20 Apr 2015

Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream - review

For today's Monday with MontyC, I wanted to introduce you to one of my longstanding obsessions;  handcream, and a particular brand I'm loving.  I am somewhat besotted with handcream in general;  I have tubes of the stuff absolutely everywhere, sitting room, bedroom, handbag, office desk, office drawer, other office drawer, other handbag... :-).  I honestly believe that I have the driest hands in this side of the equator - they can get so dry that the skin on my fingers peel.  Yuck, right!?  So I apply the stuff liberally, multiple many times a day to avoid this happening.  When a very dear friend of mine gave me the Jurlique Citrus Hand Cream as a gift, says I, bring it on...

Jurlique are an Australian company (for some reason I thought they were French) that have been on the go since 1985.  What started out as a husband-and-wife company back in the day (the company name is a combination of both of their names) is now a global brand spanning some twenty countries (for more details, take a peek here).  When it comes to the ingredients they use, they strictly use only products which are certified organic.  So far, lots to like.

Enough about the company, what about the product?  Well, as you can see from the knackered looking tube in the picture above, this stuff is well loved (I've been using it every single day for the last few months, its home has been my everyday handbag, and it's got a bit battered).

The cream itself is rich in ingredients, but light enough in texture;  a pea sized amount of the cream is buckets, and it isn't remotely greasy which I love, you can lather this on, rub it in and off you go - no slimy hand flapping and tissuing-off of excess needed

My favourite thing about this hand cream (aside from the fact that it really does keep the dry fingers at bay) is the scent of it.  It's amazing.  It contains tangerine, mandarin and lemon and it smells divine!

Jurlique is not necessarily an easy brand to get your mitts on but it is available online at feelunique.com and will set you back under €22 for 40ml (larger sizes are also available).  This one's a keeper, and it has replaced my hitherto-holy-grail hand cream.

Until next Monday!

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